Selling my deposit spot #2819

Selling my deposit, spot #2819, no final selections have been made, just the initial $500 deposit. They are ready for your build choices/payment/install date in May. Going with a different setup.

What is the price difference? Isn’t it 7700 starting currently? What was it before?

Great question. I can’t find the old price in any of my emails, so I will have to contact them. I just know that they made it very clear that the price was going to change 1/1/22, encouraging people to reserve their builds prior to that date to lock in the old price. If I remember right, it was $7000, but I need to confirm with them.

Sounds good. If it is 7,000 then I’d like to purchase your spot. Feel free to reach out to me at 630-486-4728.

Clarifying this spot fits a Toyota Tundra, sorry I didn’t specify before.

I essentially sought to sell my deposit almost immediately after I placed it, because I discovered the Super Pacific and at the time GFC was having their leak issue with no resolution in place. I contacted GFC and they said it would fall under the pricing at the time of reservation, however I’m seeing their transfer rules state otherwise. I think essentially to receive the old pricing, I would have to build it to your specifications and go and have it installed on my truck and then we would have to meet up to transfer it to you. If that something you’re interested in to save $750, let me know and I can do that.

@Ruthie you are correct. If you transfer your build, the new spot holder will be subject to current pricing.

Did you sell the spot?

No I have not. Are you interested?

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