Selling my Spot in line – Unit #2367 ready to build

My build was ready to start back in Fall of 2021. I could not go through with it since my home in South Louisiana was directly hit by hurricane Ida.

Initially I though I would eventually go through with the build and GFC agreed to extend my invoice indefinitely, but as time (1.5 years) passed, I realized I could not go through with the build. Fact is I need the money back, we are still in the rebuilding process to this date. GFC does not issue refunds so have directed me to try to sell it here.

I’m not 100% sure how this works, but I can assure you I’ll get whatever info you need to feel comfortable with the transaction.

My deposit was $575 and it was for the XL camper. I did not pay full invoice nor lock in any details of color or options so my understanding is that is all still available to be changed to suite your desires and needs.

Message me if interested in getting your camper built ASAP, I believe this would be your fast track ticket to getting that done.

Only asking for the $575 and accept PayPal


DM’d you for info.