Selling place in line

I paid the down payment for my go fast a couple years ago but can no longer get it. I can purchase the camper anytime now, but was told I could sell my place in line. Text me if your interested (760)613-9362

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Folks will want to know what build number you have

I just asked them. I should know shortly.

It doesn’t matter… if this was purchased a few years ago, the buyer would move up in line and could have a camper in the very near future depending on the truck it’s going on. I purchased spot 703 April 15 and had my V2 installed June 11. Someone jump on this QUICK!

Edit: you will also get grandfathered pricing.

Sorry, but this whole deal was some BS. I texted the seller within minutes of them posting to the board. They didn’t know anything about build spot # etc. They then decided to just open it up to a highest bidder situation, so first/dibs goes out to the window.

You were the third person in line and I got around 25 actual bids.

Ok, but curious if the first person who contacted you got it? First to contact gets first right of refusal on basically every other gear swap type forum I have used in the last 20 years.

I know your bummed but drop it. You didn’t get it. Someone else did and is stoked. Hope you have a good day.