Selling reservations for profit?

What do you think about selling a reservation for profit? The demand is high to not wait in line and I’ve noticed a lot of people selling spots for more than they paid. Several people offering more money to jump in line. Some people have expressed their opinion that it’s not right. Should you only sell the spot for what you paid?
What about turning this into a side hustle? By four spots today and then sell them when it gets closer for double. Is this morally right? Should it be allowed?

We live in a free market economy. The demand of something is what shapes the market price for that item. The idea that it is somehow wrong to sell something for profit and/or pay more for something is absurd. Is it immoral to sell your house in a sellers market? Is it immoral to raise your rent prices given the market trends? The same logic can be applied elsewhere. Life is more than money. But it doesn’t make you any less or more of a person because you sell or don’t sell something at your cost.

Also, if you get your camper sooner by paying a premium, that theoretically can save you a lot of money. You can spend $500+ renting a hotel for a weekend at a national park. You multiple that by several weeks and that $500 premium is a drop in a bucket. Also, there are a lot of people still hurting from this pandemic. No one envisioned having major segments of our economy shut down for months due to a pandemic. So you can’t pre judge why someone is selling a reservation.


Based on last nights IG live stream I have a feeling this will become less of a “issue”. They effectively have cut lead times to 6mos for new camper orders, cost is also going up Jan. 1.


I agree with what you said. Ultimately the market should decide or GFC.


I had a spot to sell and I felt like the right thing to do was sell it without profit. It says Non-Refundable when you purchase your deposit, so I feel it is incredibly generous for GFC to allow the transfers at all. They have labor costs involved when a spot is transferred, and are still willing to do it for us. If they are ok with people profiting than great, but it seems like a good way to get the whole transferring spots thing shut down to me.


Free market works. Pay more to get that first class airline ticket–not to mention the extra legroom, you get checked in faster, shorter security line, bags come out faster, etc. If that is worth it to you, go for it, otherwise pay for the regular seat and get to the same place with a little more waiting. I don’t know that morality plays a part…although karma might! (Especially if the flipper has 4 campers in production that they can’t off-load!)

I would have paid hundreds of dollars more to get my camper 6 weeks earlier to line up with a planned vacation. I actually would still have come out ahead financially and also been a lot less stressed.


So glad I didn’t have to sell my spot, but I wouldn’t have tried to profit from this situation. I’d have sold for exactly what I paid. That’s just me, though.


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Who cares? If you feel its morally wrong, then dont pay the extra money to buy the spot. I have no clue why so many people feel the need to be the moral police of others these days.


This guy does. So do several others. Personally I believe the market should decide however I also believe that dissenting opinions deserve to be heard. Yours as well.

Dissenting opinions?! Dude are we talking about supply and demand for a camper or Roe v Wade here.

I get most people just want to recoup their money. I get some charge a bit extra. I just dont get why people care who does what?

I dont see why there needs to be a thread on this forum devoted to the ethics and morals of camper reservation value.

COVID has people going all in on cabin fever. This is an incredibly first world discussion and I hope those getting their feathers ruffled by this “ethical” argument can get away from your screen and simply go outside.


That’s funny :smile:. Not talking about either.


Settle down, Danny. This ain’t TW. What’s next? All caps? Maybe its you that needs to step away from your screen…

Respectfully submitted. Peace, man.


If you will it…it is no dream.

Not sure what TW is but sounds cool.

All caps…now you’re on to something but typically that is reserved for when you forget something at the store that is on the list and the wife is not happy.

Would love to get away from the screen but current employment demands my attention (albeit with short getaways to check out cool GFC stuff).

Now on to important things like the ethical quandaries surrounding frame color choices and the morals behind the short bed v long bed and what that all means in this crazy journey called life.

Have a great weekend.


This thread is a dumpster fire and reads as if it came from Tacoma World (TW). The dissenting opinions are acting as if they are morally/ethically superior because they sell their reservations at cost. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. End of story. If someone doesn’t like what is going on, then move on. No need to bring in morality and ethics like the dissenting opinions keep trying to do.


I for one don’t feel superior morally or ethically in any way, and think profiting is fine as long as GFC is cool with it. I only tried to make the point that if the system ends up getting taken of advantage of it could end up shut down.


I recently sold mine for $0 profit. I’m not claiming any moral superiority - To each his own. I just didn’t feel like making a profit on someone who is into this great lifestyle as much as I am. Personally, I think the manufacturer should charge a $250 cancellation fee and then move everyone in the queue up one spot - that way everybody wins! Imagine what good PR would come from getting an email from GFC each month telling you how many spots you moved up due to cancellations! The $250 cancellation fee would dissuade anyone from a bogus reservation. That’s my 2 cents worth.


I don’t frown on it. As I see it, it’s $500 non refundable. So for some reason people lose interest in buying and you lose out. It’s a side hustle and a little bit of a gamble. More power to you. In my humble opinion.

I bought my earlier spot at cost so when the time came, I felt good about letting someone else get lucky and find a now earlier spot at cost too. That said, if I’d paid a premium for the early spot, I probably would have waited longer and then offered up the original spot at more to break even. This forum is so chill, I guess even with free market I wouldn’t want to encourage someone with a lot of cash to come buy up a ton of spots with the only intent to sell them at profit later. Agree that if that started happening GFC may have to shut it down, it would be a hassle for them and potentially mess with production planning.

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