Selling V2, 3rd gen LB Tacoma

Build 1870 - white, picked up Sept 2nd. No side doors, no windows, sheets included. The camper has been great for my uses (not as much camping but more rolling into spots late, popping the top, and passing out during fishing trips). Shoot me a message for pics/questions/ anything else.I can try to answer calls as well but my work schedule isn’t the best for that. Thanks


Should have mentioned, I’m located in the PNW (Seattle area)

Why are you selling? Seems like you just got it.

Asking as my brother in law has a 2021 gen3 longbed in white and was making my GFC uncomfortable with the way he was looking at it the other day… in the Tacoma area.

Selling because I’m in the process of moving to a full size truck with four wheel camper. Now that I don’t use my truck as a daily driver I want to step into something larger and more dedicated to camping (glamping?).


To the top plus some characters

To the top. Also camper is in San Diego now!

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In San Diego interested text sent

I’m in San Diego and in the market for a LB camper (6ft for Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport). Is this still available?

Mind emailing me at to coordinate?

Sold please close thread