Selling your old topper?

Hey friends!

I just completed a five year goal of mine…bought me a new Tacoma! Woo! Do I plan on getting a GFC topper??? The answer is DUH.

Planning on shooting for a gfc in two years…in the meantime, I’m looking for any topper to put on it, this is where you come in. Did you recently get your gfc or are you about to? Are you trying to offload a topper?

I’m looking for a longbed 2016-2019 topper…my truck is cement and would like that color, but also not opposed to buying something different.

My friend is also looking for a 2016-2019 SAND short bed Tacoma topper, but plans on gfc eventually as well.

Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and am willing to do a road trip. :slight_smile: Thanks so much!


I wish I could help! I will need to offload my ARE Overland Quicksand topper when I get my GFC, but I"m also a ways out!

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Wish I could help as well. I have a Leer 180 painted black that I will be selling in the spring. Located in Missoula, Mt.

This is how it looks on a cement Tacoma. image|690x459

I will be selling this topper starting mid February. Located in Missoula Mt. price will start at $1,500.

Carpeted, slider windows, drop down front window, roof racks. Fits 3rd gen Tacoma long bed.

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That looks sweet…don’t you want to get ahead of the game and sell it now? Haha…who needs a topper when winter is coming anyway?

Everyone with a truck who doesn’t want their bed filled with snow?

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Ya missed the joke Biggie Smalls :wink:

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I will have an ARE Overland with side fiberglass panels, front drop down window, LED lighting, Quicksand color Tacoma 3rd Gen Long Bed available in a year…so unfortunately cant help at this time…but may be able to help someone else later! Thanks for starting the post…

Bad day in the woods is better than a great day at work!

Hi there! I just posted our topper for sale in San Diego. Take a look and let me know if you’re interested.

I’m also looking to sell a Prinsu rack if you’re interested in that as well. They look/work very good together :wink:

Hi Sara,

I’m looking to sell my Leer 180 topper of my 2017 long bed. It’s quicksand is the only thing. However, I am located in Golden so that’s convenient. Have a cross country drive around the holidays and would
Like to keep it through most of ski season but would like to sell come April-ish as my start date is May 2020.

Leer color-matched topper for 5’ Colorado for sale. Deepwood Green Metallic. Located in MN.

I’ve got a shortbed quicksand ARE overland topper with carpet interior, LED lighting, rails for a rack, and flip up side windows. It’s also been ceramic coated. I’m from Utah as well, so fairly close. I love it, but also making the switch to a GFC.

I will also have a Prinsu toprack for sale.

PM me if interested, happy to get some photos, details, etc.