Sheets for sale

Standard camper size, new and unused. Bought them and washed one time using water only.

Needed them for sizing so my wife could make us some new ones!

These are the red buffalo check. Shoot me an offer… pickup or shipping from RenoTahoe area.

Photos of all.


Woh. While we dig our black and red buffalo check, these are so well done! Tell your wife we are huge fans of her work, and at least one employee is jealous. :call_me_hand:


Will do! She crushed it.

The Hawaiian print is summer, outdoor material and the other is a cozy ass fleece for winter!


I got a factory set, but if your wife ever wants to start selling sets let me know! The fit on the Hawaiian print looks :kissing_heart:


If your wife wants a side hustle making sheets I would love to buy some new ones! Looking for them to be about twice as deep to accommodate the extra foam I have. Factory sheets are just not cutting it.


Did you cut your extra foam sized to each cushion?

Leave it inside all the time?

Any issues?

I snagged this one, in queen size, but still have it cut down as a single piece. Sized for the camper and pulled it down each time I closed it this last trip.

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I have 1.5” foam, firm, from a mattress store in town. I had that shop cut each piece to fit the individual panels, and I leave it up there all the time. It makes closing the top a bit tighter and more tedious, but completely worth it for the comfort. It also allows me to use the panels modularly as designed, which is awesome.

I can’t keep any sleeping kit up there though. And I have a very slight bow in the top when completely closed, where the fly door and tent door push up against the top.

Otherwise no issues!

DM Sent. Hope you still have these for sale.

those are nice. the wifey could make some extra cash for sure


We Still have these available.

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DM’d - easy sale to a diminutive stature sucker. :wink:

Hey guys! We just went live on our website today. Our featured product is fitted sheet sets for GoFastCampers!

If you have a minute,
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@WrinkledPants those fleece sheets look cozy. can you also do a regular sheet to match? asking for friend with issues about matching sheets. I cough he spent some time to find matching red checks flannel sheets

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blackhearse the fleece sheets are very cozy! That’s what I like to use in my tent.

By regular sheet are you referring to the top sheet? If that is what you want I don’t see it being a problem to make for you. I’ll check with our production manager and then get back to you on that.

Thanks for your interest!




Heads up Canadian shoppers! is up and rocking for Canadian Sales.

Thanks Scott for getting things sorted :metal:

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excited for the summer sheets mentioned on the site! any rough eta on those?

We’re getting close… I think! We’ve tried several different fabrics, some of which we really liked, only to find out that they are not available in any kind of quantity.

I’ll be sure and post when we have found a good source.