Sheets - Out of Stock: Would XL Sheets works on regular camper?

Looking to buy some sheets, but don’t know when they’ll be in stock. Also have heard they fit tight. I plan on putting additional padding on my mattress. Do you think XL sheets would work?

I was working through this problem also. I have just learned that crib sheets work great for my XL Camper. There is a little extra room for an additional padding also. Best of all they are about $10 on amazon.

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man that is funny! Im in the same boat with trying to find XL sheets for the GFC…do you mind me asking what crib sheets you’re using?

I love this forum


I got these and they work great.

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Do you run the same size sheet on all four of the pads? thanks for sharing the link

Yes the material stretches so it works on both of the large cushions easily. I did wrap the smaller cushions on both sides to make the sheet work and the elastic band still holds the sheet in place.


Hey thanks for all the info you are sharing as it looks like GFC won’t have sheets for a number of months. I am getting an XL tent next week and was reading your post. Can you elaborate a bit more on exactly how many individual sheets you purchased to make this solution work. Any details, tricks or tips would be much appreciated!

FYI, sheets are back in stock including standard and XL for the campers. Picture on the site shows white but they mentioned in the Insta Live last night the only color available right now is red plaid. I like the red and purchased a set for my upcoming build.


That for the heads up! Just placed an order. Hoping they are the red plaid

Definitely the most excited I have ever been about buying sheets…


Standard sheets are out of stock again

I believe @WrinkledPants will have a variety of bedding/sheet options available soon, once Overland Softgoods launches.

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Thanks for the mention @bipNdip

Overland Softgoods will be offering sheets for GFC tents in Regular and XL sizes! The initial offering is for flannel and fleece sheets. We will also offer summer weight sheet sets as we get into warmer weather.

A pre-sale discount of 15% will be available to all forum members. I’ll post a notice when that discount begins.

The material quality is excellent. These sheets are made of heavy, durable fabrics that are soft to the touch. They are made to withstand repeated use including machine washings. The sheets are cut oversize so that they can be used with a 1 inch topper added. By using a shock cord and cord lock the sheet can be easily fit over stock mattress or adjusted to fit an oversized mattress and topper.

Below are the patterns that will soon be available:

(still under construction… but coming up for air soon)


This is great news, but can you provide a better time frame than soon? I need to get sheets as soon as possible and not able to wait weeks or months.


Also interested in sheets for the Superlight

Hey Drew! Glad we had a chance to chat today. Will have more to talk about next week.


Thanks for your time and the discussion today Scott. Truly appreciate the time you provided.

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Hey Guys!

Our website is now live. We did a limited launch this afternoon featuring GFC sheet sets and a couple of other items.

If you have time, please come check us out!

We are looking forward to bring some great products to the community!