Sheets - Out of Stock: Would XL Sheets works on regular camper?

Looking to buy some sheets, but don’t know when they’ll be in stock. Also have heard they fit tight. I plan on putting additional padding on my mattress. Do you think XL sheets would work?

I was working through this problem also. I have just learned that crib sheets work great for my XL Camper. There is a little extra room for an additional padding also. Best of all they are about $10 on amazon.

man that is funny! Im in the same boat with trying to find XL sheets for the GFC…do you mind me asking what crib sheets you’re using?

I love this forum

I got these and they work great.

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Do you run the same size sheet on all four of the pads? thanks for sharing the link

Yes the material stretches so it works on both of the large cushions easily. I did wrap the smaller cushions on both sides to make the sheet work and the elastic band still holds the sheet in place.