Sherpa Animas roof rack 36" (Tacoma double cab GFC fit)


The rack is 36" long. Which is the perfect fit for my 2019 TRD OR double cab long bed with a GFC camper on it. I installed it two months ago. Easy install. The rack has 4 bars across the top but I only installed 3. I’ve got the 4th for you as well.

Never stowed anything on it. Never set anything on it. Literally just installed it and drove it for two months and decided I didn’t like the look of it as much as I thought and was rethinking the utility.

I paid $709.48 after tax, shipping, and applying the TACOWORLD discount code. You’re welcome to make me an offer but I was thinking $600 for local pickup. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area. Depending where you are I might be able to deliver it to you. If it’s local you’ll appreciate that I can just unbolt it as a single piece and hand it off. Assembling it took a little work.

If it comes down to taking it apart and mailing it, so be it. But it’ll be costly obviously, so keep the shipping cost in mind and feel free to make an offer.

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any chance this is still available?