Shipping truck + camper to Hawaii

Hey y’all,

Will be shipping our Tacoma and GFC camper to Honolulu from Oakland soon using Matson. Has anyone else done this before? I am not military. Looking to avoid getting denied or upcharged (~2x) at the port because of the camper. Matson states “…built-in accommodations for cooking or sleeping will be refused.” Any feedback is helpful. Considering removing and shipping the mattress to avoid any hassle, but that’s not ideal.


Just a thought: foam is really cheap. Probably cheaper to just ship the mattress covers if you end up removing the mattress.

When we moved FROM hawaii, the car had to be like it came from the factory. not even sub boxes(which didn’t have anyway) maps in the glove box, shovels, no air fresheners hanging from the mirror, nothing. the keys had to be JUST the keys for the car and that means only car keys. it was over $2000 for little sedan 14 years ago

I’m assuming awnings and anything mounted to the camper also need to be removed?

edit: good luck with this endeavor. it might end up like @Dignon and his first camper. they really don’t care about your property

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I agree, learn from my lesson. Don’t cheap out on shipping. Ensure everything they ask for is followed. Otherwise any insurance you purchase will be void. May be better to take the unit off and ship it separately crated?

Or sell the whole unit to fund a new one and go through gfc for shipping.

maybe or u-haul container?

Best to ship on Pasha vs Matson. All vehicles are inside. No concerns with the mattress being messed with