Shortened panel travel

I am looking to see if anyone else has found shorter travel gas struts for the side panels so that they dont open as high, I installed a awning and need the side panels to open about an inch less.

There was a recent thread but here’s the link.

C16-12104 12 inch 50lb/222N Gas Struts Shocks Spring Lift Support for Leer Camper Shell Topper Rear Windows Door Truck Cap Toolbox Canopy Struts Replacement Part, Set of 2 by HUOPO

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Thank you! I did a search but could not find anything.

I bought these but wow are they stiff, anyone know of a shorter gas strut that isn’t so hard to shut?

Have you looked into putting some limit straps onto the door itself? Coule easily pop off the strut put a piece of 1/2 webbing with a hole on each end over the balls and put the strut back on and that would stop the over extension…

That’s strange because they should be the same closing force. When I did the swap they felt exactly the same. Maybe one is over pressure or something?

I can see the worry of the panels tearing into the awning fabric. As some people have already given other options (limiting the travel of the air shock/panel). I would also look at getting the rubber trim for the bottom edge of your panels also. With my awning, the panel door opens and makes contact with one of the metal arms instead of the awning fabric.
Here is the link to the trim I bought and used
[Trim](https://Edge Trim Black Small, Fits 1/16" (15 Feet))
It’s also nice that it doesn’t get as hot and is easy on your fingers when opening/closing the panels. I did all 3 sides and still had some left over

I’ve been using a similar type but it has an added flap to keep the water out. Definitely recommend adding something because the awning will rub in the wind.

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That’s pretty similar to the product GFC uses on their rear window to keep rain out but I didn’t think it was necessary on the side panels since they have the weatherstrip on the inside of the panel along the extrusion. Plus I wasn’t sure what it would look like along the sides of it would stick out too much. Still, a great idea to prevent the sharp edges from cutting any awnings, etc.

I reached out to SUSPA requesting a 1" shorter travel gas strut than the current one from GFC which is part number C16-35985. They responded with part number C16-13035 which measures roughly 12" in length and a closing force of 133nm which is approximately 30 lbf, SUSPA struts are rather expensive at 100.00 a piece so I found these HUOPO 4420 12 Inch 30lb/133N Gas Struts.

Ahh, makes sense as the struts I posted are from a 6’4” box GFC XL.

Most of the struts use the same thread so you can use the original ball ends on the new struts.

I like the flange @Chuck.D
I just did the basic cover. Definitely adds a nice feel and a much more “complete” esthetic.

Mind these photos are of the process… only the last pic is complete.