Should I buy a V1?

Hey guys…

There is a V1 for a shortbed tacoma (gen 3) for sale where I live. It’s priced at $6000. I’m wondering if this is a fair price and also wondering how much I’m missing without going with a V2? I honestly can’t afford a new V2 so just curious.


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Buy what you can afford and get out there! If in good condition and the hinge upgrade has been done sounds reasonable.

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Ok very cool… so I guess that brings up another topic… now that there will be a denver location, I assume I could take it in for upgrades?

I’d personally be stoked to get a V1. The steel frame is way cooler looking and just as rugged if not more than the V2.


I would discuss that with GFC via ServiceTickets but I think, yes, that is how it is supposed to work.

I am in Denver, for now, moving to the San Juans next month. I actually was over at Tru’s location last week and they’ve been doing a lot of installs and warranty work which is why I stopped by.

Owner is super nice and while I was there he mentioned they’ve been doing hinge and other warranty work periodically for a few years even before the announcement as a partnership.



Nice. I just had a chat with the home base and they said Denver is not trained up yet on upgrades, but will be down the road.

Thanks for the confirmation guys! I hope that I can scrape the funds quick enough to pull the trigger on this local buy.

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Ah ok, good to know. Probably dependent on what it is. They just switched out my keder to the new rods and swapped a rear panel.

I agree! I think the V1 looks awesome. I think I’d prefer it over the V2.

I opted for a used V1 and have been happy with it. Make sure the hinge issues have been addressed and use the rest of the money you would have spent on a new V2 to cover fuel for your adventures.

I have had a v1 for a while and there are definately pros and cons:
I agree with @jedgar that the frame change was likely, all things considered a downgrade that GFC made for cost savings.

The tent portion though is out and out better on the v2. I would love to have the tracks around the tent, the fabric is significantly upgraded on the v2, the snap system on the v1 is kinda a bummer, and the struts being inside is a much better design. That being said, I have removed the tent several times and that would have been much more of a hastle with the v2.

I love my v1, and none of those things were worth the extra coin to me, just pointing out what the differences are.


Love my V1!



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