Shout out to GFC

I just have to say how awesome and responsive the GFC team has been. I had a gas strut fail, I contacted the warranty division, and within MINUTES I received an email delivery confirmation for the parts. I just can’t thank you guys enough, especially since it’s summer and I am using the tent like crazy right now, and I suffered no downtime waiting due to the efficiency of your customer service. GRACIAS!!!



Interesting. My struts failed within a a year of ownership (back in June 2021) and received the following response. Even got to pay for shipping while waiting for my hinges to be replaced. Glad to see they have upped their game.

"The struts are not covered under warranty. They are a serviceable item, whose lifespan depends on how much they are used. We sell them at our cost to help customers if they need to buy new ones.

Let us know if you need anything else.
–GFC Support Team"

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Mark, I’ve replaced a couple of my struts now. GFC replaced one when I had my original hinges upgraded in 2021; I’ve ordered some with 50 pounds of lifting force. I ordered from McMaster Carr (Gas Spring, 15.63" Extended Length, 50 lbs. Force). McMaster-Carr

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Another big win! GFC for the Win!!

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