Shoutout to GFC for fixing my tent zipper delamination issue

V2 GFC. I’ve had it for about a year and the side door zipper started to come off. I emailed GFC and they offered to either send me a new tent or swap it out for me if I came to Bozeman. I’m in SLC, UT so we popped down to Bozeman for the weekend and they swapped us into a new tent. The whole thing was a super painless process and I really appreciate the support from everyone at GFC. Thanks yall!


Thats great! They really crush it with their customer support!

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Had the same issue on my V2 and they immediately contacted me, offering to fix my tent or send supplies to fix myself. I have a few more camping trips planned this year so haven’t gotten around to sending it in, but as always blown away by their CS


Down to Bozeman from Salt Lake? … isn’t that the long way around (J/K) :grin:

Had the same issue (small window delamination) with my GFC about 7 months after purchasing new. Their CS gave me the same 2 options, replace on my own or eventually when they opened it, schedule a warranty ticket at the OC location. Luckily the OC location wasn’t too far from me (hell of a lot closer than driving to MT). I just had to find the time where it was just bothering me too much and didn’t have trips planned and work schedule allowed. Replacement took about 2 hours and that’s including the water intrusion fixes and awning removal I forgot they requested me to take off. Eventually will go back to have my bulb seal replaced as they need all the wiring/electricals disconnected to fully remove the tent off the bed rails. I do give GFC/OC location a 5-star for their service and follow-through.

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