Show Me Your Tool Roll, Bag, Box, Drawer Set Up

Show Me Your Tool Roll, Tool Bag, Tool Box, Tool Drawer, Tool Rack, Tool Whatever Set Up you have specifically for you’re GFC and your Camping, Road Tripping, Off-roading, Whatever Rig.

I don’t have my tools put together yet but I’m looking for some inspiration and smart ideas you guys might have to guide me along the way.

I have an atlas 46 tool roll I keep filed with -
SAE and metric 1/2” and 1/4” drive sockets and drives
SAE and metric Allen key sets
SAE and metric wrenches
Needle nose pliers
Multi head screw driver
Knipex pliers
Box cutter
Blue thread locker tube
Zip ties
3M zip tie mounts

It all fits under my rear passenger seat compartment in my tacoma


Sounds like you have the basics covered.

I have a tool roll too and a 100+ piece tool set…as soon as I have time I plan on filling it up like you did.
I’ll post pics soon as I can. :metal:t3:

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