SHOW SPECIALS - weekend sale!

Heads up GFC homies! We’ve got 2 shows (at the same time! :scream:) this weekend!

We’d love to see anyone who’s able to make it! Let’s connect, chat, and hang.

If you can’t make it, and because we love our GFC peeps, we’ve got a show special. Up til Monday night, 12 midnight pacific time. Sage green or silver, and … $70 off with free shipping. Enjoy and sleep loose, sleep warm, and sleep together my friends! :call_me_hand:


Is there a code? I clicked the link but it is still at normal price

Found it in a different thread, GFCLOVE70 if anyone else needs it.

Thanks! Order placed!

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Awesome, thanks for the love!

Yeah sorry the link is a little weird, I think it adds the discount in the cart but sometimes it’s funky

GFCLOVE70 is the ticket, thanks for sharing with folks!

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Last few hours my friends! Already shipped a bunch today so you should have them by the weekend. Thank you all for the amazing support!

Got my order in this morning and it’s already shipped out…. Excellent service!

Looking forward to trying the Hoverquilt out as I make my way across the country in about two weeks