Shower/changing tent

Just installed the OVS shower/changing cube. It seems very well designed and built. It is very quick to deploy and redeploy.


What’s your preferred camp shower?

I actually don’t have a shower unit yet. Shower wipes are the best I can do for now!

Any camp shower recommendations?

I used a pop keg, a kitchen sink sprayer, and a valve left over from fixing a leaking trailer wheel. I can use a bike pump, gas station air, big air compressor or my little ARB compressor to pressurize it. It’s easy to fill in a creek or with hot water and it can blast off stuff from dirty pots. redneck but works and can handle up to 125 PSI but I stay around 20. I wanted a road shower but I really don’t want all that weight up top and this is more versatile. You have not lived until you have showered with bubbly carbonated water


I use a Nemo Helio. I have the old upright version pictured in the link. I like the newer version more, but this one is still going strong. Heat up some water on the stove, pour it in. I sit down in the bed of my truck on one of my tote boxes and shower back there. I can run the Buddy heater for a minute to warm the space if needed, I’m out of the wind, and I have done it in a Walmart parking lot when I had to overnight there on a trip. Everything runs out the drain holes built into the truck bed. I usually use about half the capacity of the Helio for a good shower.

I had something like the Nemo Helio. It’s perfect if you want a shower, but if you want some pressure (washing dishes, hosing down muddy dogs or bikes etc) it falls a little flat. I ‘upgraded’ to this thing and it’s pretty awesome. Just drop the tube in your Jerry can of water and you have an instant hose.

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I’m running a flat plate heat exchanger that exchanges heat off the cooling system, 50 p.s.i. RV water pump and a 18 gallon tank that i can put a few gallons in or fill all the way. I can heat the water from 50 degrees to 100 plus degrees in about 7 minutes. I use it for showers and dishes, works great. All stuff you can get off ebay, Amazon etc. and cheap.

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That is awesome! Love how you get your hot water