Shower/changing tent

Just installed the OVS shower/changing cube. It seems very well designed and built. It is very quick to deploy and redeploy.


What’s your preferred camp shower?

I actually don’t have a shower unit yet. Shower wipes are the best I can do for now!

Any camp shower recommendations?

I used a pop keg, a kitchen sink sprayer, and a valve left over from fixing a leaking trailer wheel. I can use a bike pump, gas station air, big air compressor or my little ARB compressor to pressurize it. It’s easy to fill in a creek or with hot water and it can blast off stuff from dirty pots. redneck but works and can handle up to 125 PSI but I stay around 20. I wanted a road shower but I really don’t want all that weight up top and this is more versatile. You have not lived until you have showered with bubbly carbonated water


I use a Nemo Helio. I have the old upright version pictured in the link. I like the newer version more, but this one is still going strong. Heat up some water on the stove, pour it in. I sit down in the bed of my truck on one of my tote boxes and shower back there. I can run the Buddy heater for a minute to warm the space if needed, I’m out of the wind, and I have done it in a Walmart parking lot when I had to overnight there on a trip. Everything runs out the drain holes built into the truck bed. I usually use about half the capacity of the Helio for a good shower.

I had something like the Nemo Helio. It’s perfect if you want a shower, but if you want some pressure (washing dishes, hosing down muddy dogs or bikes etc) it falls a little flat. I ‘upgraded’ to this thing and it’s pretty awesome. Just drop the tube in your Jerry can of water and you have an instant hose.

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I’m running a flat plate heat exchanger that exchanges heat off the cooling system, 50 p.s.i. RV water pump and a 18 gallon tank that i can put a few gallons in or fill all the way. I can heat the water from 50 degrees to 100 plus degrees in about 7 minutes. I use it for showers and dishes, works great. All stuff you can get off ebay, Amazon etc. and cheap.

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That is awesome! Love how you get your hot water

Nice solution, can you give a little more build info? I see you’ve tee’d into the engine coolant hoses to feed the heat exchanger. This confuses me, why tee into it instead of directly flowing through? Clearly it works, I just don’t understand. I did an Amazon search on flat plate heat exchanger and a bunch of products came up. What guides my choice of which to us? Any info is appreciated.

How did you run your water line from the bed to the front?

So I ran 3/4 " heater hose in the covering shown clamped to the body up above the frame rails and into the bed through a factory oval hole in the rt front of the bed that had a plastic plug. My truck is 2006 tundra. All the hose has that black plastic webbing ft to rear for protection.

As far as the heater hose connection one hose is connected to the outlet side of the heater core and the other is on the inlet side which effectively by passes the heater core giving you hot coolant from the block.

If you look at the ebay photo you will see the seller.(I’m not sure if this is who I bought from) I believe mine cost about 120.00ish and it is a 30 plate 3x8 liquid to liquid heat exchanger. Temp and pressure ratings are way above what I’m using it for.
I had the same setup on a 80 series cruiser I owned for 7 yrs and never failed me.

This is the water pump I use. Also bought off ebay.

When the pump is on I have a valve that diverts the water to the tank for heating or to the shower hose that is basically a 3/4 " gate valve.

As far as temp regulation I just monitor heat by feel. Looking to put a temp sensor in the tank soon. If the engine is hot I can heat 20 gallons in 5 to 10 minutes to well over 100 degrees and that is starting with 60 water in winter camping. Usually won’t carry that much, but had the room for that size of tank.


Few more pics in daylight


Has this still been working well for you?

I like it still. I haven’t used it tons, but it starts right up every time I do.

Any additional mounting hardware required for the installation of shower tent?



I used the GFC awning brackets (2 of them). The shower tent does come with some brackets, but at a minimum you’d need gfc t-nuts. I think the awning brackets from GFC are very sturdy.


Thanks! Those brackets are out of stock now, hopefully will stock soon

For my Joolca shower ensuite, I used two Universal Mounting Brackets. Was super easy to install with plenty of space for tools.