Shower question

Hi all.
Here’s my shower setup…

I will be trying out my simple shower set up in the near future. To those that utilize a shower, would you please post a picture of what you use as a showering platform or what you stand on while showering. In my mind, I’m leaning toward a mat of some kind that is easily rolled or folded to be packed in the bed. I’m open to anything though. Thanks in advance.


Use your driver’s side floormat


Anti-fatigue matting would work well. It has holes in it so the water/mud wouldn’t pool around your feet and you could keep it in the bed. I don’t know what you have for a bed liner, but you could line the whole bed with the stuff and have a smaller square that pops out to be your shower mat. I know you are intent on keeping it simple, so in that mindset the floor mat is certainly ideal.


Some scraps of pressure treated and some Trex cutoffs made a pretty nice shower mat. About 16"x16" and 3" high.

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Shower Pad

Had some left over cedar fence boards and added a industrial strap, custom built to sit in the shower pelican box!

I really like the cgear sand free mats. They work surprisingly well and they make a small one perfect for showering:

I’ve used a piece of artificial turf for years, but it’s almost exclusively used at the beach parking lot. I’m planning on setting up a more wife/daughter-friendly version for camping when I pick up my GFC. I preordered the Joolca kit that comes with everything needed for shower and sink since I’m not sure how I want to build a long-term solution just yet. This seems like it would be easy to resell or part out when I decide:

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I’m using some scrap artificial turf with the holes. Free from home depot or Lowe’s in the scrap section.

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I picked one of these up on clearance several years back. It gets moved around from setup to setup as needed. Paired with a Nemo Helio shower. Been my goto system for years now. I also just use the bed of the truck for my shower stall sometimes. Buddy heater if needed, curtain over the back window…all truck beds are built to drain water out. One of the many benefits of not having the elaborate build-outs that some favor.
EDIT: I’m not knocking those elaborate build outs…most are really well thought out and executed. I’m just mentioning one of the few benefits of not having one.

I’ve used those solar showers for years during my time in the Army during extended field exercises. Ive always used a mini pallet with some kind of pad on top to get me off the ground and prevent a muddy mess.

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That looks easy! Where do you find these roll ups? Thanks! Tina