Shower Tent Swing Out?

I have a shower tent that mounts to my Prinsu roof rack, but I’ve been looking for a while for a swing out, or even now to make my own. So far all I’ve found is a Frontrunner one that’s expensive, and some from Australia which I can’t get.

Has anyone found a solution for this? They have some cool DIY videos to make some on YouTube, but I do not weld.

This is a cool option. Roof Rack Mounted Shower Tent

Good Morning Nat,
You will probably get a million responses to your question. So here is mine. I use the “Kick Ass” (yes that’s is the name of the product) shower enclosure. After comparing the features of many other enclosures, the “Kick Ass” shower tent checked all of the boxes for me. I hope that helps. Cheers, Robert

I have the shower tent already. I was just looking for a bracket to allow it to swing away from the roof rack

This is what I’m looking for. This is the only one I’ve found, but it’s in Australia

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These are currently “out of stock” on the website anyways… IDK if they will ship to the US, or whether there is a US distributor.

Hi, I see you received a lot of answers to questions you didn’t ask haha

I googled swing arm for shower tent because I have the same issue as you (I’m guessing you don’t want the shower enclosure up against your vehicle). I also have a Prinsu rack and I’m not a welder! Anyway…did you find a solution to this issue without spending big $$$ for a product from Australia?

Thanks, Mike

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I have not, I wish though! It’s not a huge issue since I plan out ahead enough to where I dont need to access my passenger side of the truck, but I would still love to find a solution

OK thanks for the reply. Have you considered a heavy duty slide? I considered something like this but I have two swingouts on the rear so a slide won’t work.

Anyway if you come across something, hit me up, I’ll do the same, take care.

thats interesting!

Hey! I was considering purchasing the Core one from Australia. Are you still interested? Maybe I can negotiate a discounted rate for the purchase of 2 of em?

I guess it would depend on pricing. Money is kind of tight right now.

After shipping right now is 500 which compared to front runners option is actually less than american options.

There is no affordable swing out shower tent available for the Prinsu roof rack. However, there are some DIY videos available on YouTube that show how to make one.

Hey there! I’m on the same boat as u and I just found that DirtBox Overland makes one. They’re located in the US out in Colorado. However, It’s built for their shower enclosure awning tent. I emailed them and ask if other brands will fit or if it was only proprietary to theirs. They said although it’s built for theirs exclusively. U can fit other brands with slight modifications by drilling into their bracket. Currently it costs $199 for the bracket. Way less than Core’s version at over $500. I’ll be pulling the trigger soon.

Here is a vid of the actual product from Dirtbox. Fast forward to 5:35

Good luck!

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Great find!

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Dirt box has one and on another site it’s cheaper (Tacoma site)

Has anyone installed a 270 awning with this dirt box swing out and still had room to put a ladder right behind the shower to get up into the GFC?
That’s what I’m considering