Side door on passenger side?

Why is the side entry option on the tent only on the drivers side?

Not sure, but I did ask if they could change it a while back. They told me no because it would slow down production by having to redo work areas for different configurations. Which makes since.

What doesn’t make sense is climbing out in to traffic if you are parked on the side of the road.

Lol, if you are climbing out of the GFC into traffic I think you might be doing it wrong. Kidding, but think the design is focused on remoteness, not parking next to busy roads.


Yep, but you can climb out any side then. I parallel park on a frontage road at the beach nearly every day. I also used to pull over on the side of the road on long road trips in my westfalia bus. Loved that i didn’t need to move anything around to access the sleeping area. in General, access on driver side isn’t well thought out.

I wanted a passenger side access too w/ the build out I intend to do but when I found out it was just the driver side I elected to do no opening. Bummer that it is just on one side. Maybe a future generation of tent fabric will offer openings on both.

I was kind of thinking an awning would better on the passenger side, so it would make sense to get in/out on the driver side…but as I type this, I realize that that is just a personal preference!


with a swingout its better for us to have the drivers side tent door. but itf it was an option for both id always have taken more windows…

I wanted to shout out 23Zero’s customer service and their Peregrine 270 (from all my research should fit on GFC). I had a drivers side version and keep my bed fairly full with a drawer system and full size spare so I am using the ladder to get in a la RTT. Justin and 23Zero exchanged the Driver’s side (albeit it was never used outdoors) for a passenger side so I can run the 270 awning with the GFC. I should be picking mine up in June… #649

Some great feedback on the door side.

That’s a bummer on the driver side only option. After learning running a passenger mount config I have realized that a DS awning would be better. I have a rear swing out and wanted the awning to be on the driver side (so the awning comes to an end at the swing out).
I will still opt for the door just for another large window but it won’t be useable with an awning mounted there.

I now realize I should have just ordered my rear bumper with a driver side swing arm

@GFC can we please get a passenger side door option! :pray:

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Seems easy enough to have a local upholstery/canvas shop add a ps side door.

Your probably right. With that being said though it wouldn’t be that hard to add the option for the other side