Side doors not sealing

The two most forward latches on my side doors don’t seem to have much tension anymore when closed and leave a decent gap on the leading edge of each door. Is there a way to add some tension?

i don’t have an answer, did you recently have embassy hinges installed? just curious

Also a tip do not open your panels from the sides open them from the center of the panel. I will help prevent bowing out.

I just purchased this from someone else. It is less than a year old. I assume "embassy’ hinges are the new style?

Thanks for that. These two hinges have a lot of play in them but there really seems to be no way to tighten them .

Do you open your panels from the sides?

You can increase the tension by putting a bolt through that little threaded hole. Or by increasing the thickness of that striker.

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I had the same issue with my rear latches. There was a lot of play in them and it got to the point where you could open the door without popping the latches. When big Mike replaced my hinges he told me to reach out to the support team and they would replace them because they were still under warranty. I would contact GFC and see what they have to say and see if the camper is still under the 2 year warranty.

yeah the embassy hinge is the ‘new’ aluminium hinge, i just feel ours shifted slightly when it was retro fitted - pic of embassy hinge (you can have yours replaced but may require a trip to montana)

I had the same issues on the passenger side latches. Got new ones from GFC under warranty - took out all the play.

Nothing to do with how the panel is opened.


This instant It may not be, but you still should not open your side panels from the sides. They should be opened from the center. And when opening your rear panel you should use both hands one on each side to lift it up evenly. Graham has said it more than once on their Instagram live stream when people ask the question. His answer is that it can be open from the sides, but overtime the panel may go out of whack. The best practice is to open and close it from the center. Now this may not apply for the V2. The construction of the panels are a little bit different and has reinforcements along the edges to prevent them from bowing.

You could put a thin gasket between the outside of the panel and the latch flange. Maybe some cut to shape gasket material to tighten it up. I don’t think it would take much.

My camper has been on my truck for over 2 years now. I open all the doors the same - any way I need to. Not one of them are bent, deformed etc.

The Southco latches are the things that took a set, not the doors.


Mine has done that since new. I added a bolt to increase the tension enough to make it seal, but this makes closing the latch very difficult. Its something that is covered under warranty. The only issue is that Im in Canada and theres no crossing the border anytime soon.

After getting my hinges replaced one of the side panels had a small gap. I noticed it at the time and Mike wasn’t sure what to do so he added a bolt on the latch for increased tension like others have done but then it required me to apply a small amount of pressure with one hand and latch with the other. This got old so I removed the bolt and put some bulb seal along the frame so it is water/dust proof. This small gap was not there before the hinge replacement so something is off but in order to have it perfect I will have to… you guessed it go back to MT. I think there is too much tension at the top of the hinge which creates the small gap further down. The bulb seal at the top is smashed completely where the other panels are not like this. It’s not that big of a deal but I’ll use this as an excuse to go back to Big Sky for some biking this summer.

I have brought nearly every size bolt home from work to put in there. What size is it? M5?