Side panel latches

Anyone know size and thread for this?


I probably shouldn’t reply because as usual I don’t know what I’m talking about…but it is metric and takes a 8mm wrench which I believe is 5mm x 0.8

Only the rear door on my GFC has them and they have a nut on the back side to lock them in place.

I am thinking about adding some sort of safety piece should high wind cause the side panels to come unhinged. I’ve seen my side panels shaking in high winds while on the highway. If I can do something useful, I’ll share here.

I’m not beyond suggestions, though.


GFC uses Southco compression lever latches. I don’t know which model specifically but I just looked at the trade drawing for a few models and they were all M5 sized adjustment screws.

After several more complex ideas, I ultimately decided to go simple. This is what I decided to go with.

It’s just a little bit of additional clearance that would need to be overcome by wind to allow a side panel to come open. A bigger washer could be used as well.

The latch threads are indeed M5 x 0.8. Thanks @Robjob and @gwiz for that info! It saved me some time at the hardware store.