Side shelf I made - easy project

I made a simple side shelf, for the back of my short bed Tundra, with GFC… Turned out great!


Nice work!
That website, while your post is still waiting approval, I didn’t know about that site.
It’s very cool, tons of folks posting projects they did and how to do it!
Definitely helps to remove some of the trial and error of creating something with no instructions. THANK YOU

Yeah, Instructables is pretty great, some cool stuff on there!

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how is it attached to your truck, do you notice any warmth from the candle light. I got one for Christmas last year

Just a 48" bungie cord across the back of the crates on the base- I wanted it to be easily removable. You get a little bit of heat from the candle lantern, but not much- good to warm your hands over, when it’s really cold, but not enough to warm up the truck, really, especially as I am in Minnesota…