Simple 2013 LB Access Tacoma Build

Hi all,

I picked up my camper back in late November '21 for my 2013 LB access cab Tacoma, spent a week ish building it out and have lived out of it since. I found inspiration from other peoples build posts so figured I should share back with you all.

Using the GFC solar tray I mounted a 100w Renogy solar panel connected to a 100ah Renogy battery, this runs my Dometic CFX55 as well as interior LED lights and exterior LED ‘work lights’. The interior LED are the cheap ‘dorm room’ version and I just cut the wire upstream of the inverter and stripped the wire such that it can run off of DC from my battery, they are showing signs of wear after 4 months of heavy use but for $18 I cannot complain. The 4 ‘work lights’ that I installed were incredibly valuable because I inevitably arrived at my campsite in the dark many nights and having exterior lights made everything much easier.

After mounting solar and installing my battery, I ran wires through the truck bed for the Dometic, lights, and USB’s for charging, integrating light switches into the sides of the bed. Additionally, I built a bench on the wall against the cab and shelves on the passenger side that are accessible from the passenger side of the truck. I got a Prinsu habitat roof rack which I had to modify to fit under the GFC as well as having to drill holes into the truck which was stressful. It all turned out well and was a great storage place for extra fuel and water. I also added ‘closets’ to the backseat of the cab using closet organizers from Target. My last addition was adding two bike racks to the beef bars for mountain bikes.



Awesome build! Looking to do something similar, what is your floor?