Simple Mods to Bring to RTT Install

Hey folks! I’ve been doing some reading on the forums, am getting ready to put down a deposit, but am continuing to hype myself up with auxiliary planning for an RTT. It’s a trip from OK to MT, so I’d like to bring what I need to make things a little more comfortable on the way back home.

Thing I’m thinking on bringing and would love input on:
Bug net! I’m from OK, so bugs creeping in is a huge no. I’m waffling between cutting window-sized nets to hang over the present mesh windows with some velcro, or just buying a giant net to throw over the entire thing. I’m leaning towards big net since it seems bugs can crawl through the door too, and I’m big on lazy solutions.
Sleeping pad. I need something that a skeleton could be happy sleeping on its side on. I’ve seen folks mention the Megamat Duo; since it can deflate, I’m assuming keeping it in the RTT when it’s closed up will work alright. Again, I’m here for minimal effort. I’d love to hear from other boney side sleepers what’s worked for y’all.
Some nifty little organizing bag to stick on the ceiling.

Any other little odds and ends y’all have on your rigs that you’d suggest? Anything for folks whose dogs sleep with them in the RTT? Any specifications for the build itself y’all made and like, or wish you’d made?

I’m a pretty quick camper; I show up to some lonely place, cook with my little stove, hike with the dogs, sleep, and move on to the next spot the next morning. I don’t run fridges, I don’t set up fancy camps, nothing special. As long as I have a comfortable and quick to set up/break down sleeping situation, that’s all I really want.

Congrats on the new Tent! For what it is worth I am a side sleeper and think the mattress it comes with is great, and in my experience the tent is bug proof as is as well.

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I also side sleep with the stock mattress; keeps it simple, and I sleep well.

I’m a skinnier side sleeper and I find the stock mattress fine as well. You might get more comfort with an added pad but I’d try it out stock before adding to see if you need it.