Simple Shelf / Bench idea for our Tacoma

The goal with this project was to add some additional storage options whilst keeping the buildout and costs to a minimum. I’ve seen a handfull of builds very similar to this, but here is my take on adding a shelf to my Tacoma. This also conveniently doubles as a pretty comfortable seat using just the stock pads that are already in the GFC. You could easily simplify or elaborate on this but I’m pretty happy with the results.

Materials used:

  • 3/4" Plywood - 27" x 57"
  • SKORVA Center Support Beam from Ikea - x2
  • Interrior/Exterrior carpet - 6’ x 3’ trimmed to fit
  • 2" Corner braces - I used 8 in total
  • Rectangular Rubber Feet Bumpers - x4
  • Various #8-32 hardware of various lengths
  • spray adhesive

I stole the idea of using these SKORVA support beams from someone’s Sprinter buildout project. Seems like they are somewhat popular in the vanlife build community. They are galvanized steel, super sturdy, relatively inexpensive, and no too heavy. I considered using 80/20 aluminum but these Ikea bed supports just seemed like a cheap easy alternative.

I added 4 rectangular rubber bumpers to the bed supports for added grip and dampening. Figured it would make it quiter on bumpy roads.

I cut the plywood to the spec that I wanted (27" x 57"). This left enough room that I can still fit my Yeti 65L cooler lengthwise on the floor between the shelf and tailgate. You could make it shorter or extend to the full bed if you wanted.

I then drilled holes and attached the plywood to the bed supports using the 2" corner brackets. I then used spray adhesive to attach the carpet to the shelf. Trimmed it and stapled from the bottom.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results and the seating setup with the GFC cusions is luxury! This allows me to store gear or shorter containers under and above the shelf and still have ample space in the back of the bed for larger items.

Total cost of materials ran around $70 but I’m sure you could do it cheaper if you were resourceful. The weight of this came in right around 35lbs. It’s not fixed to anything and would be easily removable if you needed your full bed for something.

I’ll post some follow up pics next time we are out and fully loaded up.



The bench is a great idea. Did something similar and it’s so nice to store stuff under, sit on, or lean against.


That’s what I love about my drawer, doubles as a bench!


Rad seeing similar ideas out there. We did the same but a little more minimal (as a trial). One 35gal cooler sits on the drivers side for beverages and another on passenger side for foods; both accessed by the side doors. our bedding goes in the middle while we’re en route

I need to pull it out, clean it up, and add some tiedown points for the coolers, and a little reinforcement now that we know it was the right thing to do.

Nice work here.

Im planning to build something very similar to these over the winter:

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