Ski racks mounted to Beef Racks?

Has anyone here mounted ski racks to the Beef Racks?

I have a set of FrontRunner ski racks I was going to attach, but they (just) don’t clear my parking space. Wondering if there are any other options out there before I start going down the custom route.

They do; I’m not sure if the GFC track is compatible with Thule, Yakima etc. It’s a very shallow channel and I’ve run into issues finding other t-nuts that are compatible with it, for example.

Are the types with the straps that wrap around the bars higher profile? I don’t have beef racks but they worked fine on my 8020 extrusion rack.


What is additional height with bars and ski rack?

I’d guess about 6-8 inches

Thanks! Not to be creepy, but I think our wives hang out at a book club. I have seen your truck at the Front in SLC.

I think your wife mentioned sewing your own sheets.

Haha small world! Have you gotten your camper yet?

739… build starts in April. Hoping it’s faster than 8-12 week range.

Would love to meet up and chat setups if you’re ever down.

Considering a platform with drawer system on one side and empty on the other for my snowboards.

That’s exciting, it seems like they’ve been churning them out pretty quick these days.

I’m definitely down to meet up!

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Awesome! New gym looks rad. Stay healthy.

Will hit you up when this is over!

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Anyone figured out a solid ski rack setup with the Beef Rack?

They sell the track studs on the accessories page in the specific thread for Thule, so a set of Thule ski racks seems like the way to go.

Solid, thanks! I have those track studs somewhere already, I think.

The Thule branded track studs that come with their ski racks fit into the Beef Bar track with only a mild amount of filing to the head of the stud. The issue with the GFC track studs (even the Thule marketed versions) is that they are not long enough.

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Oh sweet, thanks, I’ll do that as well then!

Did you end yo doing this? Ski season is approaching, and in looking into a rack.

Nice rig. I think I get what you’re saying about the GFC track studs not being long enough even though they’re marketed to work with Thule accessories. I’m looking at the Thule bike trays and the Thule track studs are like 1.5 inches long. No way the GFC Thule track studs will work with the Thule trays. Or am I completely missing something?

Why does it seem like it’s super hard and kind of mysterious to figure out beef rack cross bars and Thule/Yakima/Kuat accessory compatibility?

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Anyone have an update on what they’ve done for a ski rack mounted to the Beef Racks? Thule says they have a universal mounting, just wondering if that’s what everyone has done or anyone has insight on what would be best, thanks!!

I have a set of Rhino Rack ski racks mounted to my beef bars. Not sure about Thule, but with the Rhino Rack I was able to remove the clamp style mounting hardware, and use the track nuts that GFC sells to mount directly to the beef bars. It’s really low profile, and the racks sit flat against the beef bars, which I like. I don’t have any better pics of the mounting at the moment, but I can take some later if it would help!

Ski Rack: #573 - Ski and Snowboard Carrier - 3 skis or 2 snowboards |

Track Stud: Track Stud - GoFastCampers


Second the rhino racks. Attached them with a couple longer screws I picked up from Ace. Removing the racks and attaching them while not on the truck makes it a lot easier to work with.

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