Ski Storage... Pic's and Idea

Has anyone ever built something sleek to store 2-4 pairs of skis on the inside of the truck bed wall?

Been thinking of a way to store the skis above the wheel well so they are out of the floor space. Was thinking, maybe buying a roof ski rack system, and somehow mounting it on the side of the so it’s vertical.

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I was thinking of this exact issue today. I currently just toss a bunch of skis and boards in the back, and it is just a mess. I was planning to go to a fabricator here in South Lake Tahoe to see if someone can build a stainless steel version that mounts to the GFC frame - something like this Ski rack - van

I saw something an Instagram friend’s partner did for their camper and was considering trying something similar. We got the clamshell style rack but I think we’ll start with it on the roof bars for now. I know there has been talk about weight on the side panels, but figured I’d share the pic of what he did for their non GFC camper. Will update if we end up trying something similar.

Credit goes to @sendybrendy_ on Instagram.

Going to play around with this design and see how it works over the next week on a ski trip.

Bought these Husky Carabiner hanging straps. There 36 inches and can hold up to 100LB. There is a smaller size at Home Depot, but I figured larger would be better for 3 pairs of skis. My only worry was, they would swing when you are driving, so I bought a few Bungie cords that pull down. If I push on them, there’s a little movement, if I push the truck, I don’t see it moving at all.

What I like about this design, still use the truck bed as a truck + in the summer, can just unclip these and use for something else or store. It’s also very lightweight + keeps the skis off the ground.

My only worry is the skis rubbing again each other, but them sliding around in the truck bed can’t be much better either.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have questions.

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Take a look below, might have a design you will like.

Might get even better security by using a ski strap for each pair of skis, to bind them together.

But my major question is: How does the recliner play into the ski set up?

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Yeah, I was trying to think of some note system. What I decided to do, was buy another strap for the middle of the skis. Just unstrap it when I need to pull the skis out.

Hahah. Moving… but, a recliner at a ski resort might be the way to go.

I’m planning to build a PVC pipe removable storage contraption.

This is a bad sketch, but basically, my longest skis are 177cm (69") and my bed is 66", so they will have to be angled up. I think I could screw them together somehow and then have some type of spacer so that I could use a ratchet strap to nest it on one side of the bed. That way I can easily remove it. I’m actually thinking about how I could pull it out of my truck and into my garage between uses.

Floor Ski Storage Racks | RAX by Radically Inclined (just a visual of a floor rack for skis)

Vertic, I’ve been pretty happy with the setup. For long trips and if I’m going to be camping, I think this will be my go-to set up to keep things out of the way

Things I like:

  1. Skis are out of the floor and out of the way. I was able to transport a snowblower and the full truck bed and skis were fine.
  2. Simple and clean.
  3. Cheap. Everything really only cost me $30 dollars and maybe 30 minutes of my time just playing around with stuff. The step-up only takes 3 minutes.

Things I’m working on improving:

  1. How to grab the skis and pull in and out. Given the strap system, getting to the bottom skis is hard. But, for long travel trips and if you camping in this, I think the system would be fine. Open to ideas on how to make it easier to grab the bottom ski with this system. I was thinking of some kind of rope knot system.
  2. Little swing. If you put the bungie on the side of the skis, it holds them against the frame very solidly. If you have another bungie around all the skis, there’s really no swing.
  3. Kid skis = Probably need the third strap. All my skis are 155+.
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Sorry about the dark pics. I just finished installing this ski rack I welded up. I will add more hangers to carry 4 pairs of skis total. I’ll also obviously paint it if everything checks out. I just had limited time this week to make it functional.


This man has nice skis :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


This approach doesn’t meet the OP’s request to get skis off the floor…but I’m liking it so I’ll share it anyway…:wink:

In the summer this has been my extra sleeping bench (wife and son upstairs for last two years, next summer I’m moving upstairs). In the winter, it is proving a nice place for my son to play/get dressed while I load and unload skis. I’ve had a splitboard, wife’s AT skis, and 8 pairs of cross-country skis plus poles in here at once.


I just built a little ski rack in the back of my Tacoma LB. Works well. I like how small of a footprint it is, how everything is locked in place and not swinging around. One thing I would change is to use 2x4s for the vertical brace instead of the 1x4. I thought the 1x4 would look cooler, but it doesn’t hold the dowel’s as sturdily as I would want, so will replace the 1x4s next winter.

Two other things I would change, the end caps on the dowels are a little janky, so want to figure out a better solution. And a keen eye will note that the front brace goes to the floor and the back is situated higher. I honestly don’t know why I did that… There really isn’t a need, besides they were both originally going to be off the ground, and then mid project my mind went crazy and I ended up with this hybrid monster.

I’ve used my ski rack a few times now, and it’s working really well. I have room for four pairs , and they’re all easy to get in and out via the side/rear panels. I had to make a last minute change to replace some hardware with paracord wrap to prevent top sheets from touching bolt heads. Otherwise, I’m using some spare foam weather stripping for padding, and some paracord loops to cinch skis/poles down (really only necessary if I ever go off road).


I like the bedside horizontal storage methods that were posted. I have been searching to see if there were any garage wall storage products out there that I could modify to mount to the Tacoma bed rail tracks. Something like what is pictured below, but only one shelf that would fit 2 pairs of skis side by side. Or if anyone has any new innovative ideas for ski storage. :call_me_hand:

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 2.25.32 PM

My biggest regret about a tacoma SB vs. LB is I can make a ski rack haha.

I’m considering some type of angled mount on the side of my short bed. Tips down and then tails raised up enough to make them fit lengthwise. No idea if its feasible, still have to play around with it.

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I ran this custom rack for a multi-month trip last year. Worked really well, some issues with the mild steel brackets yielding after some not so gentle offroading but I could bend them back into place later. Voile straps work great to keep the skis locked in place.


Had a couple of extra Beef Racks (Not wide enough for the Full-size Topper). DIY-ed a few brackets for the accessory holes. Had to run them diagonally. Short bed truck with 190cm skis, straight wasn’t an option. So only 1 ski fits at the moment. But still stocked i got it to work.