Sleeping Bags or Sheets & Comforter

Should I plan for sleeping bags or some sort not of sheet + comforter set up? This is for a July install & summer camping with my wife. If the latter, I would appreciate recommendations. Thanks!

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Both are fine. Its your preference… My advice is to plan to use what bedding you have already for your install trip and first few nights. Decide what you’re comfortable with and go from there. After you decide what sleep setup works best, the consideration will be storage. Its not always possible to close the tent with bedding intact (bags or comforter setup). Some have setups that can close inside the tent, some, like myself, have storage space for bedding because my V1 tent will not close with my setup. It depends on your exact setup and what you want to do.

Others will likely chime in, but search this forum for bedding ideas, setups, storage solutions, and general bedding considerations. The advantage of GFC is customizeability, but on the other side of that sword are the decisions and implementation that go into your ideal setup.

I decided to go with a sleeping bag setup that I store in the camper full time for solo trips. I have a comforter setup for trips with my wife. I created a removable storage system for my comforter setup. I store that and the comforter bedding in my shed when not needed.



dialing the sleep setup is important, so plan to play around with different things. you don’t have to have it figured it before you pick it up. other things to consider —

  • will you ever want to sleep in the bed of the truck? (downstairs)?
  • will you do gfc trips that include backpacking trips where you’ll want a compressible bag?
  • are you interested in replacing the stock cushions w/ denser and thinner foam? (would open up more space to close the roof w/ stuff stored up there
  • what kind of weather do you expect? (consider warmth and moisture)
  • what are your ideal / most comfortable sleeping circumstances? e.g. partners, weight, texture, side v back v stomach sleeping

I’ve done bags and blankets and both depending on how cold it is and how light i need to be on a trip. Regardless of what you pick, I would highly recommend pairing with the Hest pillows.


@GFC706 @KOM-Chaser these are both incredibly helpful. Thank you!

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Agree with all of the above. My approach varies depending on season and company. If it’s just me, I typically use a sleeping bag opened up as a quilt. If it’s elk season, I add another blanket on top of the sleeping bag.

If it’s me and my lady, we bring a double size Rumpl blanket with the Sherpa fleece backing - that’s really cozy. If it’s going to be cold, I’ll throw in another blanket or two. I also just bring my pillows from home to sleep on.

I added padding to the factory foam so I can’t keep any bedding stored upstairs. All the blankets/bags/pillow travel in the back seat of the truck.

You’ll just want to think about your use, locations, seasons etc. and then pick out what you think will work.


Stoked for your July install! What a game changer!

We’re huge fans of quilts/blankets (good ones!) and love giving fellow GFC homies our discount :call_me_hand:

I designed and engineered sleeping bags and gear for Marmot, NEMO, patagonia, for 15 years, so even if it’s not our quilt you end up with, I’m totally down to chat more about any options you’re looking at for sleep, and can weigh in on what might be best for you (temp ranges, sleep style, down vs synthetic, etc). Because I’m a total gear nerd and love that stuff.

Basically my wife and I wanted to toss all of that premium sleeping bag tech and expertise into the best overland/camp blankets out there because we actually like to sleep together and warm. So Aeronaut exists for that perfect balance of at-home comfort for all weather down to 30F, comfortably, extremely packable and light. And it sleeps well with others, so you’ve got that versatility of adding to your kit, or even at home on the couch, etc.


I recommend @aeronaut to the grave. I have two of their quilts and 100% recommend over anything else.


You and the lady? Double wide sleeping bag, hands down! We like the one from Marmot.

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Thanks for the love Tim!

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