Sleeping in bed with top down and downstairs bench seating tips


I’m about to order my GFC V2 for my Tacoma G3. I sometimes have to stealth camp because I am a photographer and sleep at the trailhead for sunrise shoots. Has anyone slept inside for the top closed? How hot is it without ventilation?

I’m also planning on building something like this to use the bottom as a seating/chill zone when the top is open. Has anyone done a bench-style seat build? Ideas? I keep my cooler and gear inside the cab so I’ll have a ton of space.

I’m going to do something similar. For me, it needs to be fairly easy to take out, as I need it as a pickup often, so I’m going with a plywood deck over Front Runner Cub boxes (7 of them). The plywood deck will have hinged doors/panels that open up to expose 2-3 of the Cub boxes at a time. I’ll upholster the deck and use cushions to create a modular sofa that can be arranged in multiple ways so a couple people can chill in the lower area and be comfortable. I’m planning on having a “bottom” deck underneath the Cub boxes; I’m doing this so I can place a couple rails underneath to ride into the channels of the bed so the deck will stay in place. The upper deck will also have 1/4" rails underneath that will ride in between all the Cub boxes. which will keep the boxes in place and keep the upper deck from sliding around. I think this will make it so I don’t have to fasten the upper deck to the lower base deck. Since the upper deck (the bed’s new “floor”) will be entirely supported by the boxes, my only concern is if the boxes can bear the weight. I’ve heard the Front Runner boxes are pretty stout, so I’m hopeful that it won’t be a problem. This will give me lots of storage under the “floor”, create an upholstered/carpeted floor that will be comfortable to be on with some throw cushions, and pretty easy to tear out when I need the bed for non-fun stuff (work). I’ll update with photos once I get mine installed. I’d also love thought, feedback, caveats, and anybody’s 2 (or even 8) cents on this idea. Happy trails -Chuck

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When the wind is nuclear or full of snow you might also want to stay low. It’s a bit tight for length just due to the box but it’s pretty comfortable otherwise. If you put a floor in that goes up to the top of the wheel fender tho, you will have trouble sitting up and that’s a bit of a drag. I put my floor in so that I can sit in a Crazy Creek chair and not hit my head. Nowhere near as roomy as the tent but it works for a stealth bivy.