Sliding Tbar nuts?

I’d like to mount a drop down iPad mount to the Tbar in the lower bunk. Has anyone found a solution to be able to slide things in the Tbar? I’d like to be able to have it in the front and back as needed.

Do you by chance have a picture of the area you’re referring to?

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This track

This guy sells twist to lock plastic attachments that fit in the t-slot. Might be a good starting point.

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This is what I use for my iPad mount

You mounting this downstairs or up?

Downstairs. I’d like the option of having my longer panel go front to back and have the iPad be able to slide along that track.

Oh that’s sweet! Can you easily remove it?
I love how quickly you made your camper happen by the way. Awesome stuff!

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I use mine both in the camper and up in the tent. I just tighten it down in the tracks

I’ll try and grab more pics tomorrow if what I used

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