Sliding Windows

I am looking to buy but the lack of sliding windows is a deal breaker for me. I searched the other threads but didn’t come across anyone adding windows with success.

I would just be stoked to even just replace the front and back available with ones that slide, but not sure if they are a stock size/even possible.

Would appreciate any insights the group has.

Thanks in advance!

As far as I know, no one has put in any kind of slider window. Seems possible but you’re going to have to buy one and figure it out.

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Thanks @Kwood! That’s what I was worried about. Spending $10k without some type of plan or success stories from others makes me a bit uneasy.

GFC had a poll on their Instagram the other day asking about siding front windows to go into the cab. Seems like it’s on their radar


I saw someone on Instagram last night that had one… here’s a link to the account. It’s on their story. Should be still live for another 3 hours or so…

This is the closest thing i’ve seen so far…even though it’s a side window…not front and/or back…

I am very interested in a pass-thru window option to retrofit on my v1.

I think a drop-down window would be better to allow for cleaning. A sliding window would be very limited with the diagonal members in the way. Maybe V3 they can change the design to allow a bigger front window with slide.

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So there it is - what I always thought would be the solution…

i want to ask so many questions to this person about how it’s working!

my Leer had a sliding cab window that also easily unclipped and fully came out from inside the canopy - this allowed for easy glass cleaning. That would be my vote here as well.


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