Slight "bowing" on the t track when tent is closed

First post! So I have the v2 on my 3rd gen tacoma 6ft bed theres a very slight bowing with nothing in the tent when I close it. I tried with the 2 person sleeping bag I have but I guess its too bulky and the tent wouldn’t close at all with it in there bit of a bummer. So I bought a way lighter 2 person bag and it closes but it bows even more. Any thoughts? Should it be bowing? I was looking forward to being able to keep my bag up there and not have to lug it in and out especially if its raining. Cheers and thanks!

Info on this here

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My bowing has not increased or caused me any problems up to now. IMO, I wouldn’t stuff the tent cavity with bedding if it makes the bowing worse. I keep my bedding in a bag in the truck bed. I have set up in the rain by removing some of the floor panels and standing in the truck bed to arrange bedding. Works fine. Honestly, I often do that when it’s sunny too. Ha!


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