Small gas can to store in the bed area?

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a way to store a small amount of gasoline (1-3 gallons max) in the bed of the truck.The small size is important to me - this is mostly to bail out people in trouble on the side of the road. I use the bed area quite a bit (sleeping/transporting stuff) and I have my YETI and other electrical stuff back there. So safety is a concern.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

The only gas can I would consider for this would be wavian brand. I think they make a ~2.5 liter size. You can get from Amazon or Zoro, etc. Note there is a warning on the can not to carry inside the vehicle.


Honestly, I wouldn’t store gasoline in the bed/camper area. As you elude to, the fumes may ignite from the electrical components. I’d also be concerned about breathing the fumes when sleeping. Gas cans need to be metal if sealed and need venting if made from other materials. No matter what, I suspect there will be substantial fumes in the camper area. Even with a strong jerry can.
I suggest you figure out a way to store gas outside the vehicle. I really don’t think there is a “safe” way to store gasoline in or on a vehicle. I limit my gas storage to remote situations and remove my gas can when not needed.
There’s my two cents…


You can’t see it in the above photo, but I had this welded to hold my gas. Uses the hitch receiver. Its easy to remove. Stores in the shed when not in needed.


Thanks. I think you’re probably right on the bed storage issue. I’ll have to think this through a little more.

I’ve been trying to find a good solution for this recently as well because I like to keep everything low and contained inside the truck/camper. But @GFC706 makes some really good points above and unfortunately I think I will have to find an outside option as well.

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I’m kinda wondering if I couldn’t hide a small can near the real gas tank or together with the spare tire. Will have to think on this a bit.

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I would buy a gallon of this Aspen 4 | Aspen

It’s expensive but If you left it sealed I doubt it would leak or smell. It lasts way longer than regular gas. It can be found at chainsaw shops. It’s the “cleanest” gas I’ve found. They offer a 50:1 pre-mix as well.

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That’s really interesting.

I carry 2 20-liter wavians in the bed. I remove them when sleeping back there but have never had issues with fumes.

Before the wavians I used plastic Spector cans and they leaked more often than not.

Also, per the Wavian website they are vapor proof and can be stored indoors, FWIW.

Wavian Testing


I don’t have any personal experience with these but have friends running them on bikes and sleds with good results. Maybe it would fit inside the top of your spare tire or some other spot?


I carry one of these Armidillo Bags when dual sporting on the back of the bike. Love Giant Loop, close friends and amazing products!


I have heard really good things about Waivan gas cans. If you had to store the can in the bed that is the route I would go. Another option is if using an external spare tire carrier is to mount some Rotopaks in the stock spare tire area. A bit of a pain to get to if it’s mainly just to help someone out on the trail or side of the road.

I do have personal experience with these. They are amazing! I have one for my sled. I vaguely remember it sticking up the box though when I put it in. I

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More on the Wavian cans. I have 2 of the 2.5 gal and 1 5 gal. The 5 gal has been over the WABDR, through a couple hundred miles of Utah and various other off road areas. The 2.5’s off roading in AZ, NV, and UT. They have ridden in the bed full time, well secured of course. Never a whiff of fumes or hint of a leak.
I understand the concern. But they have mitigated the concerns well. As always use at your own risk.