Snack box! You didn’t come all this way to starve

We’ve all got our own motivations for getting outside. Personally I like to go burn some calories so I can eat a snack in a beautiful place.

Snack box delivers the goods.

I am sad to report that the two week old Oreos were too stale for human consumption this morning.


not possible
giggling now

What’s your take on the full bedrug? Torn between the full one and the basic one?

It’s great! I think it keeps a lot of dust out and provides a nicer hangout area downstairs.

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My take is this: if I decide that I want built in cabinets using 80/20 then I will go with the single bed rug and save some money. As the cabinets are going to be concealing most of the walls of the bed. The insulation and sealing factor would be nice, but I don’t find much dust now that the tailgate is sealed and I will eventually have a heater solution (espar, webasto, etc) which eliminate the need for insulation. On the topic of insulation, I heard a guy say why not save the money that would be spent on a full bed rug and put towards a heater which is the ultimate solution and this made perfect sense to me.