Snowboard/Ski Bed Setups

Please share any photos for Snowboard/Ski storage. I do quite a few backcountry trips and curious to see anyone’s setups. (Tacoma DBSB)



This may not help you so much, but for anyone with a 6’+ bed, I fit skis on the ceiling of my long bed Tacoma.

For reference my skis are just over 6’ long and I slide one end above the net that I copied from someone else on the forums and the other end gets secured with the elastic cord GFC provided with my camper to the handles of one of the rear cushions.
I consider this a temporary solution and plan to find a more permanent way to mount skis like this when I get home in a few months.


Haven’t seen this yet…, thanks for sharing. Any concern for snow melting and getting stuff wet below?

I just clean the skis as best as I can before storage. Must of time I’m out it stays below freezing the whole time and most of the stuff in my bed it waterproof, in a pelican or other hard case, or in that mildly water resistant bag there.

The one or 2 times I’ve had snow melt and drip onto my stuff it was only a couple ounces at the most.

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Thanks for reply! Hope you’re enjoying winter

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I have a carpeted platform built with 2x6s on the bed cutouts, works great. It raises the floor of the camper up a bit and allows skis/poles and other wet stuff to slide underneath which is great for helping keep the camper dryer. Also allows storage underneath which is nice for keeping expensive stuff out of view if you have the windows in your camper. Super simple and easy solution, might be tough with a short bed though depending on the length of your skis.


Thanks! I snowboard, so my boards should fit at a slight angle underneath. Share photos of your build if you have em available. No worries if not.

Hope you’re having a good winter

Following to see other people’s brilliant solutions.

Honestly this was one of our big hesitations when decided on a Jeep Gladiator (5’ bed). Leaving a high roof camper van that had mounts for 4 pairs of skis, to then go to roof rack for skis (for local skiing - we live about 10min from the resort), or a cross bed solution for longer drives with skis.

No problem - yeah if you can fit a snowboard under there I’d definitely recommend this route - pretty easy to build if you’ve got simple tools, keeps things dryer “upstairs”, and gives you storage space for other stuff in the summer too. I’ve got a couple bins that fit under there, with the long bed I can fit two bins on the right side and three to four pairs of skis on the left side if I really squeeze them in there. Here’s the only pic I’ve got handy at the moment, not tons of detail but hopefully you can get the idea. If you google “Adventure Journal Truck Bed Living Room” there’s a good writeup on how to build it (you’ll have to adjust dimensions for your short bed obviously), or there’s tons of info on TacomaWorld too.

Hell ya! Thank you. Likely will mimic this setup.

Where did you get window insulating covers?

No problemo. Window covers are from Strawfoot Handmade - they’re a little spendy but sooo sweet. I highly recommend them. They add a little insulation (I eventually plan to insulate the side panels too), and obviously add privacy. They just stick in with magnets, so I sometimes even stick the rear one on in the city if I’m parked anywhere sketchy to keep out prying eyes. They’re super high quality, made in Santa Cruz by a rad guy who makes all sorts of handmade sewn goods.

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One more thing - make sure you get thick/sturdy plywood since you’ll be walking around on it. Its tempting to go with 1/2 inch to save weight and cost, but it’ll be way too flexible to stand on when it’s only supported by the two cross boards. I’m really glad I got high quality 3/4 inch. Good luck, have a good rest of the winter.


Finished… fits 4 boards. I am not a craftsman but it works.


Nice, looks good! Those drop down tables will be awesome.

I just stumbled on this thread and figured I’d share my setup. I have a 6.5’ bed f150, so space is a bit more abundant. I made my own ski rack out of some spare steel I had to carry up to four pairs of skis. The green storage bins also double as a lower sleeping platform if I put the two square panels on them to level out with the cooler.