Solar mount system, what do you think?

Just mounted my 2 Renogy 100w solar panels with a kick ass mounting system. Fabricated by Taco Garage, it’s low profile, light weight and I think looks pretty cool.

What do you guys think?


Super clean install :+1:t2:

Are those mounts fabricated by Taco Garage? Can’t find them on the website, I love the clean look of your install!

Yes they fabricated them and the nuts also. Send them an email asking how you can buy them; they may start offering them.

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Thanks, I’ll reach out to them!

How did you end up running your wires into the camper? Kind of hard to see in the pics

I bought some small cord grips off Amazon and put 2 small holes in the from panel. I’ll post a pic in the next few days, rolled my ankle so not that mobile at the moment.