Solar panel and wiring

For those that mounted a solar panel on the roof and ran wiring into the truck bed. How did you do it? Looking to add a 165 watt 4thd solar panel and connect to my goal zero lithium 1000 in the truck bed.

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I saw a guy on Tacomaworld use wire glands.

Yep, that was me. Mounted two flexible Renogy 100w panels to the roof with vhb tape and connected them in parallel using Renogy branch connectors that I mounted to the extrusion. Ran the wires down and through two 3/4" holes I drilled in the front panel of the go fast. Got two wire glands and called it good. Let me know if you have questions.


I park in my garage with minimal clearance on the garage door with the GFC. Could someone please measure the height of the junction box on a Renogy flexible solar panel and tell me which panel (100W, 160W, or 175W) the measurement is from. I’ve tried to get the junction box height from Renogy without success.

Edit: just double checked and wanted to confirm @Robjob’s measurement.

Happy to get you that later today (by editing this post).

I have the same 4th D 160 watt panel. the plan is to run the wire over leading end of the camper, along the underside, down the back wall and into the truck bed via the existing center access port. there are several along the back wall. I have the panel with the center wire exit. 4th D solar was kind enough to put the correct connectors for the Goal Zero 1000 Li. the plug will go directly into the solar charging module that I added a while back.

Total thickness of my 100w flexible Renogy panel at the junction box is .850"

@ Robjob - Thanks for the quick reply. I should be safe to order and install my panel and still park in the garage.

@ r.7 - Thank for the response. Unless you get a different measurement I’m all set.

Do you know which 3M VHB tape you used. There are a lot to choose from.

You might want to watch the YouTube video “Better way to mount flexible solar panels” by Tito. Works great and removable if needed.

Thanks, great information!