Solar panel on Tacoma cab roof rack?

I’m setting up a roof rack (Sherpa the Animas) on my 2nd gen Tacoma access cab. I’m considering to install a small solar panel on it (goal zero boulder 50). This will allow me to keep the camper’s roof clear for carrying larger stuff (e.g. a canoe). Has anyone tried something similar?

Hi installed two of these on my GC. They come in various sizes, indestructible, efficient you can walk on them check out the video

Not positive that this is what you’re looking for this is a very flexible option literally and figuratively

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For almost all solar setups, a 50w panel is inadequate. Even under ideal conditions, you will not get 50w. Other variables that will affect your power output are: shade, clouds, time of day, angle of the sun, debris on the panel, etc.

I have a 100w glass panel and a 100AH LiFePO4 battery to power my Dometic CFX40 refrigerator. When the panel was new, it only generated about 70w.

I am in sunny San Diego, however, in the winter time, it is not able to keep the battery fully charged. The alternative to adding more panels is the addition of a DC-to-DC charger.


thanks mate! your set up looks neat!!

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