SOLD #1039 November 2020 GFC shell for 4gen tacoma

I have a spot in line for a GoFast shell/tent for a tacoma. Selling the spot for exactly what I paid. Spot is for November 2020 spot #1039 #SOLD

I’ll take it… How do you want to handle payment!

Ready to pay you whenever you are. I’m definitely in. It doesn’t matter which generation you are buying it for because it hasn’t started yet so all good.


If you would like to do PayPal that would be best.
If you do friends and family that would work best, but if you would like to do a business transition please account for the fees in your payment.

Total is $500

Do you have Venmo? If not I will pay through the link

Ok it went through. Can you check and see?

Just got it!

Please send me
Your full name and email and I’ll send it over to go-fast and they will be in contact with you! Thanks for the quick payment. Enjoy the camper !(:

Awesome Thank you sir!

Joshua Bernstein

You’re welcome! Thank you I’m glad it worked out!

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I just emailed them, they should be contacting you shortly !

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Hey man. Looks like you didn’t do friends and family on PayPal, so it charles me 14.95 for your transaction

My apologies. I can cover that cost for you. Do you have Venmo?

If not I can reach out to PayPal and get
It taken care of

I reached out to PayPal to go ahead and fix this. Let me see what comes out of it.

I don’t have venmo but my lady does. You can send it to her. @danaka Rogers

Her photo is her with her hand in her forehead in a black dress, she’s standing in front of a flower wall.

Remaining total is 14.80

Ok cool. Let me see what PayPal says since I already filed a case. If not or it takes too long I have no problem sending you the difference.