SOLD #1836 For Sale (July 2021 Start)

Selling this spot as I will not be able to make the expected install date anymore. I paid $1K and looking to recover.

The price is the old grandfathered price, so total paid for anyone interested would equal the new price for a spot in line.

GFC spots are like airline tickets. They get more desirable right up until the time they are worthless. If you paid 1000 for a spot, I’m sorry, but IMO, no one should pay more than the standard 500 to jump in line. I have no idea what you mean about the “Old Grandfathered Price”. AFAIK, it’s always be 500.

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The camper itself went up in price, but if you had already put in your deposit you got locked in at the lower price so the OP is correct that his deposit for $1000 is the same overall money out of the new buyers pocket, plus they get to move way up in line.

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I do not understand your response. OP want’s out and he wants 1000 bucks. It doesn’t matter if the camper price went up. The standard deposit is 500 and I just bought a deposit for 500 yesterday. Look, if he paid 1000 to some third party, then I’m sure he wants to get all of it. But if he only paid 500, that’s all he should be asking for. People are selling their place in line all the time. No one should be willing to pay 1000 for a deposit. Watch the forum for a few days, that’s all it takes.

The deposit is now $575 and overall camper price went up. Lots of people have paid extra to move up in line. I watched several spots posted that I couldn’t grab fast enough until I offered to pay premium. Not sure if it was worth it the way they are prioritizing builds at present but I’m hopeful to have a camper before the summer is over. If that happens it will be money well spent.

I was simply clarifying that the camper prices went up not the deposit price.

If you want to talk about the morality of selling spots for more money there is a thread for that already. Sorry OP for cluttering your sale post.

I don’t think I have ever seen one not sell or even get close to the build date.

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Interested, e-mail sent.

Blast from the past! I got one of your saddles on my old 690 (RIP) and drove it from SF to Argentina! Thanks for keeping my butt in one piece James!

There have been spots that have sold on here for over $1500 for just the spot.

SF to Argentina, thats awesome! Hope your still riding :slight_smile:


Sale of spot is currently sending…will update if it falls through.

Thank you everyone - spot is sold.