Sold - 2 - GFC Beef Racks and 2 Pairs Axia Maxtrax Mounts

Selling my rack and Maxtrax mounts. (Maxtrax and Maxtrax pins not included)

Used and in excellent condition.

$540 USD brand new. Selling for $500 CAD OBO

Located in Vancouver, BC. Would prefer to sell local but can negotiate shipping.

Hey! What clamp style did you order from Axia to make it work with the beef bar?

None, it works using just the nuts and screws supplied by GFC. No clamps are required. :slight_smile:

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Willing to sell separately if only interested in Beef Rack

Bumping for all the V1 sales happening!

Bump! Reducing price to $450 CAD / $360 USD.

hey dude, really interested in the Axia mounts. let me know if you’d sell separately.

Yes, I’d be open to sell separately. Send me a PM to discuss further.

Beef Rack is sold. I can’t figure out how to edit the original post again.

Axia Maxtrax brackets still available.

One pair of Axia Maxtrax brackets sold.

One pair of Axia Maxtrax brackets remain for sale. :slight_smile:

What’s the cost, and estimated shipping to 79714. Andrews, TX? Just realized your in Canada. May be high shipping?

Hi, I think I may be able to get the parts shipped for under $20 Canadian.

I’ll take the axia mounts. Andrew 760-552-5633

Everything is SOLD… Post can be deleted! :slight_smile: