SOLD: 2018 Tacoma TRD and V2 GFC for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Hello! I’m selling my V2 Orange GFC camper + beef bars and additional side windows for a 3rd Gen Tacoma. It also comes with a set of Overland softgoods red plaid sheets which are specially made for the GFC modular system.

I am also selling my Tacoma if anyone would like a lovely overlanding rig to purchase as a whole!

We love them both however the family is expanding and it’s time to change our style. I purchased the GFC in April of ‘22, since then it has only been used for 3 total trips.

2018 4dr SB TRD off road.
64,000 miles

Bilstein 6112’s front
Bilstein 5100’s rear
Icon ATX adjustable leaf springs
SPC upper control arms
Durabump bump stops
(All installed in 2020)

Rack: modified Prinsu rack to fit with GFC

Tune: KD max pro tune

33” Toyo AT3 tires.

Truck and GFC asking 40K OBO
GFC 7500 OBO

LOCATION: Las Vegas, willing to travel to accommodate within reason!

Thanks so much and please let me know if you have questions.

Talk soon,


If interested and want to talk more my number is: (707) 6one6-9196. Prefer text please just cause I’ll be at work! Thanks, Matt.

What kinda mpgs are you getting with the KD Maxx Pro?

I’m getting about I noticed a 1-2 MPG change overall. On road trips I see it more. I do a lot of mountain driving cause I live 5000 feet higher than where I work so that skews my average. I sit right at 15.5 average. The BIGGEST change is I do not gear hunt anymore. If you have a Tacoma you know the pain. With the tune, my truck actually uses 6th gear and isn’t screaming at 4000 RPMs on the road. It’s also been really nice for the mountain roads to my house, it will go into 3rd or 4th and actually stay there instead of shifting constantly. I wish I had done it sooner and wish I had done it to my previous Tacoma too. KD max pro is awesome.

I’m very interested in just the platform camper if you’re willing to part with them separately! Can meet you in Vegas area

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I had a KD Maxx on my old Tacoma (not the pro) and have an OTT tune on my new Tacoma. Took about a 4 mpg hit. Considering going to KD Maxx Pro but don’t wanna pay again lol

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I am willing yeah. My phone number was posted above 707 6 one 6 9296. Just reach out and more than happy to talk.

What area are you in? There’s a guy in Vegas who did mine. He was great to deal with. The gear hunting was making me go crazy on my daily drive.

SOLD! Thanks everyone