SOLD: 2021 V2 F250 camper for sale

Howdy, all. I have a 2021 V2 F250 GFC for sale. Used only as a bed topper. GFC sheets included. The top has doors on three sidles as well as spring rods to hold the main door’s flap open as a rain/sun shade. Includes 2 beef bars. I installed an LED strip inside that can be powered by a Milwaukee tool battery w/ remote control. No issues at all. I‘m gearing up for knee surgery and know it will be a year or more before I can comfortably use the camper top. Seems like a waste to have it just sit on the back of my truck unused.


The camper is located in San Antonio,

Email sent with contact info.

Sale pending as of 10/10/22. Actual sale date will be 10/19/22. Taking back-ups.

I’m interested and close! Still available?

Thanks for the interest. The camper sold.