SOLD! #2057 V2 build spot FOR SALE $750

Spot has been sold

Selling build spot #2057, with an estimated start date in August. Nothing is set yet, pick your own specs.
I got an earlier spot and would like to sell this one. $750

How come it didn’t sell last time you offered it for sale? I’d definitely like to take an earlier spot than November.

I’m not sure, probably got buried under all the other posts. But I’d love to sell it. I got an earlier spot and had my install two weeks ago, tested it out this last weekend and love the V2! What can you offer?

I can pay the 500 you paid for it.

I’d like to get at least $750 for it

Thanks, let me think about it on my ride home I’ll let you know…

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Mo will you take 650?

Mo I apologize, I’m going to have to hold off, I just got hit with some BS financial issues last night, I appreciate the offer. I’m about to spend a shit ton of money on home repair.

Good luck with everything

This spot still available??

It is, but I’m waiting to hear back from someone about the spot. If they don’t want it, I’ll let you know

Please do. I’m ready to pull the trigger now.

Best I can do is 600. If that works you can email me at