***SOLD****: 3rd Gen 5ft Bed Tacoma V2 Camper with Lots of Extras $7500

Skip the SUPER LONG/UNKNOWN wait times and the new $750 price increase on the camper…plus enjoy the benefits of all the add ons you will want to have!

These are just a couple of the photos (more than happy to take photos of exact parts of the camper as well). This camper has all the add ons you will end up buyer with the new camper - latch covers, drip rails, interior lighting, interior storage etc…oh plus you don’t have to wait until Next Summer.

Unit: V2 #4407 - Side windows on the tent (+$525), No cab windows = $8400 brand new ($9,150 starting Jan 1st, 2024) has some slight scratches on the driver side panel along with the rear but nothing major cosmetically)

Picked up in Bozeman on 10/23/2022.

List of Upgrades:

  • 175w Renogy Panel ($275)
  • Duluth Trading Co back organizer ($75)
  • Carpet Headliner ($100)
  • Interior RGB Stripe lights for both upstairs and downstairs ($75)
  • Lock covers ($80)
  • Drip Rails ($100)
  • Overland Soft Goods 1" topper plus sheets ($150)
  • Starlink Mount with cable holders ($50)
  • Outside and interior grab handles ($30)
  • 4x GFC Awning mounts ($265)
  • 2x awning poles plus mounts ($50)
  • 2x Interior step ups ($80)

Location: Missoula MT

Price: $7500 (can also help with sealing of your tacoma bed as I have experience)

Hi, is this still available? Do you know if it would fit a 24 Tacoma? Thanks!

Still available. Not sure if it would fit. Would have to double check with GFC

It will not fit a Gen4 Tacoma. GFC had to make changes to the camper for the new Tacoma.

2019 Tacoma 5 foot bed…is this the model I’m looking for? I’m in Colorado. Looks like it’s the one I need.



@GainzGFC Hunters camper will work on your 2019 as long as it’s the 5ft bed, and a Gen3, you’re good to go.

Yup it would work. I also have the stuff to help seal your tacoma bed. I have sealed mine 3 times now so have the experience in limiting water intrusion under your bed caps/the tacoma corners.

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Still available? I’ll buy at asking. Text me! 808-375-5922

Hi, is this still available?

It’s pending pickup Friday. All of sudden got a lot of interest and about 3 people in line. Will let you know if any of them fall through.

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Camper has sold!