SOLD - 4x Yakima round roof rack bars, 5x mounts - Las Vegas, NV

Recently purchased a GFC V2 that came with four Yakima roof rack bars and an extra pair of mounts (5 total). I don’t want them, so they are up for grabs.

One mount is missing a set screw. Shouldn’t be more than $0.20 at a hardware store.

$500 picked up in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas) or shipped (US) for the entire lot. Not interested in splitting them up. Buy all or move on.


I’ll take 4 of the mounts (2 bars worth) if you change your mind. Venmo ready and waiting, need shipping to GA, zip 30064. Thanks!

And, I’d take 2 sets for $200 shipped. 98230 zip.

I already have 2 but it seems I’m always wanting one more… so, I guess the smart thing to do is to install 2 more!

@extra_n @Slowboater

Since this is a fresh ad, I’m gonna wait a little before splitting.

Are you guys wanting just the mounts or mounts and bars?

Mounts and bars please. I presume these are the 48 inchers. That’s what I have on mine.

Honestly you could mount longer ones on with no problem - FYI.

These are the 58" bars. If I’m not mistaken, the camper is 50 or 52" wide.

IIRC, they stuck out ~3" on each side.

I’d take one set of mounts and a bar if you can’t find a buyer for the whole set of five.

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So as I understand it, this is what people want and I’ve attached my price, with shipping included.

@extra_n - 2 sets of mounts, no bars - $165
@Slowboater - 2 sets of mounts and bars - $225
@Camprig - 1 set of mounts and one bar. - $125

This leaves me with one bar, which I’m fine with just chucking into the scrap metal pile in my garage. Also, the mounts will be distributed at random.

I’ll let this offer bake until Monday. If I don’t get someone to buy the lot and EVERYONE accepts my terms, we can proceed. Sound good?

Ooops. Yep. I meant 58.

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Sounds good. Let me know and I’ll send you over the payment!

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Sounds great! Just let me know where to send payment. Thanks all!

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@Slowboater @extra_n @Camprig

Sent everyone a PM with my payment info.

Also picked up the missing set screw this morning, so all the kits are complete.

Payment and Address sent. Thank you!

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Received. I’ll get it shipped tomorrow.

All payments received. Marking this as sold.

Will ship everything tomorrow and provide tracking.


@Slowboater @extra_n @Camprig

Packages dropped off. :+1:

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I want them.I live close by

You must have missed the 17 other message before you, but they were sold a while ago.

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