SOLD; $7500 XL Camper Fits 2021 Ram 6'4" Shortbed with Deck system

Great setup for overlanding, in great condition, I needed a longbed truck for work.

  • Ladder
  • Two beef bars
  • 23Zero 270 Awning mounted on left side
  • Decked Drawer System
  • Red Plaid Sheets
    Paid $11,800, selling for $7500.00
    Located in Montrose, CO, off the truck ready to go. Call me at Seven-One-Nine-240-1313 for more information. Leave message, I’ll call you back.
    gfc 1
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Hi there. Is that a 1500 or 2500 ram? I’m interested but have 1500.

It was mounted on a 2500 Ram. The most important thing is the truck-bed size, which is 6’4”. You will have to verify the size of your truck-bed.

Did this sell?

It is still for sale. Please call me for more information at seven-one-nine-240-1313.

If this camper is still available, do you have any more photos? how is the tent’s condition?

Sold. Sorry for the late reply