SOLD 9/9/21 -- Superlite for Sale - PNW


GFC Launch Edition Superlite for sale. #5963. Received in May. Slept in approx 4 weekends. It’s great, I just have a camper coming in September and I doubt we’ll ever use it on the SUV. Not in a super rush to sell but just occurred to me someone may like one before Labor Day. Has been stored inside garage other than the limited use.

GFC Superlite
GFC Mattress
GFC Ladder


Pick-up only. In Seattle, Washington area. Available this Saturday, Sunday, Monday (28th-30th.) If no takers will still be available, just after Labor Day.

Priority if you have a full-size truck and would like to buy a Yakima OverHaul HD System with XL crossbars. This has had more exposure to elements as I drive with this on the truck full-time, but in great condition. Also purchased in May, and I see these are out of stock currently. $3000 for combo.

If I paid for shipping would you ship it?

Was hoping to not have to ship.

I’m interested. Shoot me an email

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I’m extremely interested. Please email me

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