Sold - Awning Brackets (GFC Universal Bracket) x2 - $50

Update: Sold

Update: these are the brackets for the non-embassy hinge. Because of this, I have lowered the price to $50 shipped for those that don’t have the embassy hinge.

Now that I have transitioned over to a Kinsmen awning, I no longer have a need for my GFC Universal Awning brackets. So they are up for sale! They come with all the included hardware (T-nuts, wishbones, etc.).

GFC asks $131.90 for the pair, so I am asking $50 including shipping anywhere in the US. Or you can come pick them up near Seattle. PM me if you are interested - first come, first served.

Aren’t those the old style that won’t work with the new hinge?

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Those are the new style brackets.

Edit: guess I’m wrong on that. I must have had the original brackets that didnt look anything like those. And yes GFC said they would swap those out for the newest brackets when you get the new hinges.

What is the center to center dimension of the holes? They sure look like the obsolete brackets that won’t work with the updated hinge. The new ones have a closer center to center spacing it looks like to me, but heck, I’ve been wrong before. Can you give me some measurements?

Hey there, I think you are right. I have these on my camper with the old hinges - didn’t realize they had changed since then. Price adjusted accordingly. Now $50 shipped for those that have old hinges. If they don’t sell for that, I will just keep them.

Dang it, oh well.
Thanks for the quick reply. I’m sure they will go fast at 50 bucks.

I don’t know GFC’s policy for sure - but I think they will swap your old brackets for new ones. Not sure if that’s an ‘original owner’ thing or what.

Direct message you about the brackets :call_me_hand:t3:

Replied with payment details.

Sold! To J.Neutron. Thanks all!